Since 1955, Charles E. Gillman Company has been one of the best small business at manufacturing Military Wiring Harnesses. Whether you are in engineering or purchasing, our over 50 years of experience and knowledge will support your needs at the most competitive prices. From prototypes to high volume, simple lead assemblies to complex multi-branch harnesses – along with Microwave and Radio Frequency Cables – you can depend on the Charles E. Gillman Company for full service and high quality at low cost.


Wire Harness and Cable Assembly
Military Wire Harness Factory

Gillman has the flexibility to offer both state-of-the-art automated and non-automated assembly. Simple to complex, low volume or high, wiring harnesses or cable assemblies.

Radio Frequency

Custom RF (radio frequency) Cable Assemblies
Product for military grade RF (radio frequency) cables and assembly

Our semi-rigid or flexible Microwave / Radio Frequency Cables can be tested at customer requirements up to 40GHz.

Laser Marking

Laser marking that is compliant with standards
Laser marking for custom cable assemblies

We can provide product identification and traceability with our laser marking capabilities. We can handle all UV markable single-core wire and jacketed multi-core cables. Our system features an automatic wire tensioning and cutting system that is compliant with aerospace standards.


Kevlar braiding for protecting military wire assemblies
Stainless steel braiding for protecting cable assemblies

Depending on the application, we can braid using Kevlar, Nylon, Stainless Steel and Tinned Copper (shielding)… to provide EMI/RFI protected assemblies or abrasion protection.


Molding for military wire assemblies
Molding for military cable assemblies

We offer onsite capability of producing both semi-rigid and rigid over-molding. We can design and fabricate your tooling to over-mold in both back-shell connections and breakout areas.

ID Labeling

Labeling for cable and wire assemblies
Identify wires in an assembly with ID Labeling

CEG provides Thermal Transfer Image printing as well as Hot Stamp Imprinters for wire, label and insulation tubing marking systems for identification such as UPC codes to meet specialized packaging and product assembly requirements.